Riders of doom

Here is the Pistolers, the young and eager noblemen from the empire. I dont know how other empire play the champion option with the repeating pistol, they change the range of all pistol in the new 8th ed rules to reach 12" but the repeating is still 8".

Im kinda annoyed about this my self, the only problem with the pistoleers that they have 3 in BS but the champion have 4 so he is the one that can do something with a repeater pistol, but they use different range in the same unit.

I gave them a red feather since they come from noble family's some color difference from the other peons in the army. Also wanted the horses to all be in different colors so i just added more and more brown into my base cote on them.

Side shoot, i still have a problem to get the sharpness in depth on my camera but im working on it.

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