Free Company

Time for some free company. Did i say I´m now painting for a new tournament and for this i need some detachments for my main halibard unit. This is one of them. A unit of 10 free company. This is all going to be as speedy as i can produce color on the models, I hope I will have time to put some more love (high light) on the army later in my life. But this will have to work for now.


Interior of steam tank

With not much time left until the new Fancy Fanatic tournament i still do some over the top work for my army, i thought since you can open the top (steamgun) you can see into the interior of the tank at any time. Then that place should also be painted. What do you think?


Knights of Stirland

The Empire Knights in my Stirland army. I decided since the war against the undead i thought it would be fitting to paint them with black armor. I used the heads from the Outriders box since the old knights are in my opinion so old and ugly. I still can´t believe that GW did not upgrade the empire horse and knights when the new book was released.


Empire for Army Builder is out

Just wanted to inform that you now can download and use the new Empire book for Army Builder.


Demigryph Knights

The Empire now have monstrous cavalry in the form of demigryphons. And only knights of the inner circle my ride this fearsome creature. its said that as a final challenge they have to go and tame one demigryph before they are allowed into the inner circle and that's why they are so few around in the old world, many never survive the taming of this beast.


State Troops

State Troops of the Empire

There are some new changes to how the state troops work, but in overall i think the change of the swordsmen have made the halberdiers the best choice for a regimental units and i will explain try to explain why. Before the new book my choice was the swordsmen, they had 4 in WS and I they also had 5+ save with parry for the same price as a halberdier or spearmens, and they hold their ground a lot longer then the other units.

In the new book they cost 7p/model and are back to three in initiative, they still have four in weapon skill. But with the hatred boost and prayers from the warrior priest they just don't do the damage you are looking for. On the other hand the halberdiers cost 6p/model and will do some more damage with the re-rolls from the priests. In my opinion they are the new Flagallants for this army (with the proper boost ofc). I see a big unit of halberdiers as a standing unit in every Empire list, maybe 40 with a detachment of 20 free company.


New rules and units

The Knightly Orders

Thought i give my toughs about the units in the new Empire rule book. My first post I'm going to talk about the knights of the empire. 

First the Core Knight, 22p per model for 1+ save with the free option to swap the lances and shields for a great weapon. You may also upgrade one unit to knights of the inner circle this cost another 3 points and give them 4 in basic strength. I see at least one units of inner circle knights in every army since they go on core points. I also have a use for a small unit with great weapons, maybe even the inner circle knights with gw. Inner circle knights may also be given a magic standard.


The Empire 8.0

And here it is, the new Empire rule book. The big changes are, new rules for detachments, the demigryphon knight (mosterus cavalry), some changes to the artillery, the steam tanks is now a bit more easy to play with, and we have to new magical chariots to play with.

I have just played one battle so far, with another one coming up this weekend. I will keep giving my opinion about the new rules as i get some more playtime with the new rules.


Vampire Counts

As i mention before i also have a Vampire Counts army witch i have been working on since 97 with a mix of old and new models. I thought i give my thought on the new army book for the vampires.


Im back

Sorry for the huge afk, I have just got my hobby area back up after a change of apartment. Soon ill get more work done i will get it up on the blog. Still going to expand my Empire army. Here is an older pic i never got published since i never use it in 8th edition. Here is the volly gun.