Free Company

Time for some free company. Did i say I´m now painting for a new tournament and for this i need some detachments for my main halibard unit. This is one of them. A unit of 10 free company. This is all going to be as speedy as i can produce color on the models, I hope I will have time to put some more love (high light) on the army later in my life. But this will have to work for now.


Interior of steam tank

With not much time left until the new Fancy Fanatic tournament i still do some over the top work for my army, i thought since you can open the top (steamgun) you can see into the interior of the tank at any time. Then that place should also be painted. What do you think?


Knights of Stirland

The Empire Knights in my Stirland army. I decided since the war against the undead i thought it would be fitting to paint them with black armor. I used the heads from the Outriders box since the old knights are in my opinion so old and ugly. I still can´t believe that GW did not upgrade the empire horse and knights when the new book was released.