Warrior Priest

For this tournament I'm attending I'm using a Arch Lector for my general, so he is one of the two characters i needed to finish painting for the turny. So here he is. I have a priest painted but its the one with hand weapon and shield, but in my list he is wielding a great weapon so i made this one for it to look right. 


Theodor Bruckner and Reaper

Forge World have now released a new Empire model, this looks really cool i must say. And it could be yours for only 36 pounds thats is about 372 sek for us in Sweden. I like that Forge World is into fantasy more now.

Speed painting

Me and my friends is going to join a warhammer tournament the 5th of march, so a little more then a week away.  For this i had to paint 24 Greatswords, 24 flagellants, 30 swordmen, 2 charachters and a great cannon. As you can see on a earlyer post i em almost done with the greatswords at the moment. And now it was time for the glass cannon crew, (flagellants) to make it in time this was just made with base cote colors and wash, and here they are.


A new hero is born

Was making the characters from the general box from games-workshop but i was not happy how the battle standard bearer turned out, so i put him under the knife and rebuild a new model from all the bits left over from making my army and this is what came to be.

He is made of legs from canon crew, chest and head from greatswords and handgun from pistoleers. This model is soon going to get some paint so stay tuned for his update in a near future.


Riders of doom

Here is the Pistolers, the young and eager noblemen from the empire. I dont know how other empire play the champion option with the repeating pistol, they change the range of all pistol in the new 8th ed rules to reach 12" but the repeating is still 8".

Im kinda annoyed about this my self, the only problem with the pistoleers that they have 3 in BS but the champion have 4 so he is the one that can do something with a repeater pistol, but they use different range in the same unit.