Shooting Detachments

I made some smaller trays for fighting detachments for 7th ed rules, but found em working ok for handgunners and crossbowmen for 8th. Keep em small enough not to crowd up the setup but still shoot some.


The Mortar

So here is the first of my war machines, the mortar one of the corner stones in the empire army. Do not leave home with out it. I think this piece was one of the first things i ever painted for this army, and i was trying out the color scheme back then, but i was ok and  happy with the colors back then so they stuck through out.


The Greatswords

Here is a picture of my most recent paintjob for my army. The greatswords, my theme is really rual almost farmer style on the army, hence the rooster on the banner. Also thought to make the armor black and all the models a bit dirty to further make them appear poor and rustic.

Another warhammer blogg

Since so many of my friends have bloggs about there army i have just decided to join the ranks of yet another warhammer blogger. This is going to be about my most recent project, THE EMPIRE! I also have an Vampire Count army so i thought it would be fun to make my Empire army from Stirland, fun to have two old arch enemies to play with.

I hope you are going to enjoy my blogg.