Speed painting

Me and my friends is going to join a warhammer tournament the 5th of march, so a little more then a week away.  For this i had to paint 24 Greatswords, 24 flagellants, 30 swordmen, 2 charachters and a great cannon. As you can see on a earlyer post i em almost done with the greatswords at the moment. And now it was time for the glass cannon crew, (flagellants) to make it in time this was just made with base cote colors and wash, and here they are.

This is the fastest time ever i made a 20 strong unit in just three evenings paint time. They are not at all up to my standard of painting but they have to do for the tournament.

My guess is that  i will give them highlights and detail work when i get the time for it in the future, i still have a lot of other models to paint for my army still.

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