Vampire Counts

As i mention before i also have a Vampire Counts army witch i have been working on since 97 with a mix of old and new models. I thought i give my thought on the new army book for the vampires.

My plan when i made my new Empire army was to have the two arch enemies, my vampires from Sylvania and their neighbors the Empire from Stirland.

There is a new small tournament called Fancy fanatic coming up next month and I'm not sure yet if I'm going to play VC or my Empire list. I have not yet field tested the new vamps yet, but I'll think i get around to it next week however i made a list for the tournament with some interesting combos i need to test, i would like to get the combo from Staff of damnation triggering the Corpse Cart. This gives all undead within 6" ASF and a extra attack. To get this wile causing fear would give a great boost in close combat. I hope to improve the chance to cause fear with Screaming banner and the vamperic power Death Incarnate.

I'll give an update how or if this works later this week.

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