New rules and units

The Knightly Orders

Thought i give my toughs about the units in the new Empire rule book. My first post I'm going to talk about the knights of the empire. 

First the Core Knight, 22p per model for 1+ save with the free option to swap the lances and shields for a great weapon. You may also upgrade one unit to knights of the inner circle this cost another 3 points and give them 4 in basic strength. I see at least one units of inner circle knights in every army since they go on core points. I also have a use for a small unit with great weapons, maybe even the inner circle knights with gw. Inner circle knights may also be given a magic standard.

Reiksguard Knights, 27 points a model, and they can only have lances. They are inner circle knights in basic load out. But for two more points they are stubborn. really handy in smaller units witch can hold flanks or tie up larger, but crappy units for a longer time. They may also be given a magic standard in the new rules.

I know many Empire players used a lot of knights even with the old rule book, but with the new book i can see even more player, like myself playing with a lot more knights.

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